Additional Description for Type Interfaces


interface ITransaction {
    RawData: {
        Sender: string;
        Nonce: number;
        Contract: IContract[];
        Data: string[];
        KAppFee: number;
        BandwidthFee: number;
        Version: number;
        ChainID: string;
        PermissionID: number;
    Signature: string[];


interface IContract {
    Parameter: {
        type_url: string;
        value: string;


interface IContractRequest {
    type: TransactionType; // Use the TransactionType enum. Ex: TransactionType.Transfer
    payload: IPayload; // Depends on the transaction type, you can see more info in each contract page

For more info on IPayload usage see this page!


interface IProvider {
    node: string;
    api: string;


interface ITxOptionsRequest {
    nonce?: number; // Optional, if not passed, the next available nonce will be used
    permID?: number; // Optional, used for accounts that share owners
    kdaFee?: string; // Optional, used for setting a KDA for paying fees, use the asset ID

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