The number-type values stored in the blockchain are always integers, because floating point values can lead to information loss.

To keep the decimal places information, another integer field, called precision, is used to make the calculations necessary to show the 'real', human-readable value.

The 'real' value can be computed though the following equation:

RealValue = StoredValue / (10 ** (Precision) )

Where the ** operand is the JavaScript equivalent to exponentiation.

All NFT's have precision zero since they can only exist within the whole numbers set.

Usage Guidelines

  • Always use Storage-Ready value when sending information to the blockchain.

Ex: KLV asset precision is 6. If you want to transfer 1,000 KLV, send 1,000 * 10⁶ in the amount field of the transfer method.

  • When showing the value to the user, use the Real value

Ex: KLV asset precision is 6. If you get the amount as 1,000,000,000 from the blockchain API, show it to the user as 1,000,000,000/10⁶ = 1,000 KLV

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